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So finally today we went to our vet to donate the remaining amount of all the donations we got from you all.

We finally donated a total sum of 1220€ to our vet, who will use it to diagnose, help and treat kittens, doggies and any other animal that couldn’t afford it otherwise. Leonor, Panda and I signed a paper to delcare our donation and the will of it being used in animals that need treatment.

Also, I took photos of the clinic. It’s called "clínica veterinaria Senda" and it’s located in Calle Pedro Díez, 20, Madrid, metro Urgel. She’s a great veterinarian, really skilled and experienced, and loves every animal to the point that she often loses money or treats them with her own earnings. She’s a fighter vet!! she also lends three rooms in her clinic to Madrid Felina, a local shelter. She feeds the cats, cleans them and let the volunteers go there and help with the cats, with no charge for them. If you live close or you need a vet, please, give her a chance!!

Well, and we’ve got to confess that that white and grey kitten in the 8th photo….chose us. The second Panda came in the room adn saw him…it was love at first sight. So she’s coming home with us….<3

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