Welcome! I'm Kamapon, regent Queen of Kamaponia! You'll be hearing and reading here about me, my life and works =D I also draw a lot, I like kittens and cooking And do not forget to follow me on:
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  2. frombeneaththeashes said: Omg, I just tried but the promotion is available only for connection from Spain. I’m not that far, I’m from Italy, fuck… ._. Is there another way?
  3. princessazula said: Voted! ;)
  4. laviejalvisillo said: Ya te he votao…. ¿pero esto pa que es? XDDD oysho no es una tienda de bragas?
  5. tsulawritess said: *sobs* i tried to vote but it said i had to be in spain. maybe I need to find some proxies…?
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