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Aiolia/Marin for that ship meme :>
  • who cooks normally?:  Marin. Aioria could eat things that would make a goat vomit, if necessary. That’s the result of having a brother who was a bad cooker, and spend a lot of time alone as a kid.
  • how often do they fight?:  As often as Aioria bursts because of small things, he’s easily provoked but calms down fast, too. Marin knows he sinply has to leave the room, let him roar and come back in when everything’s calm. So not much.
  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?:  Marin goes out with her friends, girls are scarce in the sanctuary and they have made their little “gang”. She makes girly Stuff when the lion is not around. Aioria goes drink with Milo and the restXD
  • nicknames for each other?: Aioria would call Marin tons of pretty names, but Marin’s not fond of calling him names.
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Aioria tries, of course, he likes to play the gentleman and all that. Marin would give him the look and pay for her part.
  • who steals the covers at night?: Aioria XD He moves a lot when he’s in bed.
  • what would they get each other for gifts?: Leo boy would get her flowers he picked up himself, or go get her pretty but simple jewlery like a little plan silver necklace or something like that. He’s clumsy when it comes to gifts. Marin often forgets about important dates, but sha makes up for it doing things that Aioria likes, or go to his pavourite places with him.
  • who kissed who first?: Aioria kissed Marin first, but it wouldn’t count as she had her mask on her. Marin decided to give him a quick peck one day and he grabbed her and kissed her properlyXD
  • who made the first move?: Dunno, they liked each other and it’s those kind of relationshinps that simply grows.
  • who remembers things?: None of them XD they’re terrible with dates. But I think Aioria note things down, like her birthday, their anniversary…stuff like that.
  • who started the relationship?:Aioria was dying to get in a date with her. She was worried about it (it’s difficult enough to be an amazon in the sanctuary if you don’t have a boyfriend, imagine if you’ve got one)…so, seeing that they made no move. Milo decided to write fake notes…and it worled
  • who cusses more?:  Marin and Aioria alike
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Aioria would go berserk if she was hurt, yup, and would guard her in bed until recovered. Marin keeps her head cold, so she’d be by his side all the time, and later she would remind him how stupid of him it was to get injuredXD