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Spirit of Rose

Finally my first printed doujinshi, Spirit of Rose is at home so this is the official sale post :3

Price: 5€ + shipping (it depends on the country, PM me for a quote!)

Payment through Paypal, (unless you live in Spain, in which case I also accept a bank tranfer).

Pairing: ManigoldoxAlbafica Main book, with (morethan)hints of DohkoxShion and some Deathmask+Aphrodite (YAOI)


Let me know if you want a copy!! Reblog as many times as you want and help me share the love all around!!

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    a little reminder just in case as I’ve got copies left :)
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    My friend Kamapon has her first doujinshi published, and it’s very good!!! (I’ll have to go get my copy :P)
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    Guys, if you haven’t already put in an order for this, correct your unfortunate mistake!! Kamapon’s art is absolutely...
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    Reblogging for support. I don’t like yaoi but I know there’s people out there who follows me and likes it. And the art...
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    Id soooooooo love this!! (me wants) check it out guys!!
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    Ya’ll should definitely check out Kamapon’s stuff! How many SS doujins do...such good art!...
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