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For sale! A la venta!

Taza/ mug :5 €
Posters( todos los modelos disponibles en a3 y A4/ all designs available in A3 and A4 size): 2€/A4 & 3€/A4.
Postales originales, a mano/ original hand made postcards: 6€.
Doujinshi: when you came into my life 6€, Spirit of Rose 5€.
Marcapáginas/bookmarks:grandes/big1,2€, pequeños/small: 1€.
Llaveros/keychains: 1,5€.
Chapas/button badges: 1€

I ship worldwide. I accept paypal :) any questions? plz pm! <3

regarding you wanting to sell printed versions of the rintori DJ, i would 100% buy it but i also think you should put it up for free somewhere, i usually like reading things before i buy them, it's the same with web comics i read online, if i like them, i buy them! but also a little suggestion maybe you could put up a digital download too, sometimes shipping can be expensive for people who want to buy it, but don't have a lot of money// i can't wait to see the DJ finished btw! good luck!

YES! I’d probably offer digital copies so people who’d want it digital and/or wanted to save shipping costs could also get their share :)

The thing is that I need to know first if there is enough people interested in getting a printed copy before taking unnecessary risks!XD

Thank you so much for your opinion,it is much appreciated!! ^^